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NJDOT SSP Virtual Networking/Roundtable Discussion

Opportunity for the current 2020 cohorts to present/market their capabilities with the Prime Contractors and Prime Consultants.

Prime Contractors
▪ PKF Mark III
▪ Ferreira Construction

Prime Consultants
▪ Dewberry
▪ Naik Consulting


Friday Jan 08, 2021


Previous events

Annual Contractor Venture Forum

As part of the Supportive Services Program (SSP), and hosted by the Division of Civil Rights, r6catalyst conducts the “Contractor Venture Forum” every year.  The primary purpose of these Forums is to facilitate networking and matchmaking between prime contractors and the small contracting community.  Since 2017, these Forums have received kudos from attendees.  The Forums feature presentations by Senior NJDOT officials where attendees learn about updated NJDOT contracting processes and opportunities. Many of the SSP alumni have been to secure subcontracting opportunities with some of the larger prime contractors.

Contractor Venture Forum 2020

The fourth Contractor Venture Forum (CVF) was hosted on Friday, February 21, at NJDOT HQ in Ewing, NJ.  As in previous years, this year’s Forum reinforced NJDOT’s commitment to serving the needs of NJ communities.  The event featured information-packed presentations from NJDOT Capital Program, Procurement and Construction staff as well as from the Civil Rights Division. Hester Agudosi Esq., Chief Diversity Officer, State of NJ and Jay Jimenez, Chief of Staff to the Commissioner, NJDOT graced the occasion and expressed their commitment to inclusion and diversity in the State and NJDOT procurement practices.

NJDOT's FIRST Commitment to Communities Forum 2019

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) hosted its first “Commitment to Communities” Forum on June 27, 2019.  The Forum was open and free to all businesses in New Jersey as well as to local government officials, other partner agencies and industry organizations.  Over 350 representatives from construction, consulting, IT and related firms, as well as officials from counties and municipalities attended the half-day forum, held at the College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey.

The event featured presentations and panel discussions by NJDOT leadership including the Chief of Staff, Assistant Commissioners and Directors of the Department.  In her welcome address, the Master of Ceremonies, Zenobia Fields, Director of Government & Community Relations spoke about NJDOT’s new mission and commitment to serving the needs of New Jersey communities, and the importance of transportation for economic development in the State of New Jersey.

The panelists and other senior NJDOT staff responded to several questions and concerns raised by the audience in the general Q&A session following all panel discussions.   At the expo held in the lobby area of the Center, representatives from various Divisions had set up tables to meet attendees and have individual discussions, underscoring NJDOT’s new mission of openness and customer service as a top priority for everyone at NJDOT.

NJDOT Professional Services Prequalification Workshop

Hosted by NJDOT for Planning, Design, Environmental Engineering & Inspection Firms

Are you aware that Professional Services Consultants must be prequalified by NJDOT to submit technical proposals? To work as a subconsultant, you must have Cost Basis Approval of your accounting system. Join the 101 elite prequalified firms to be able to work directly as a Prime Consultant with NJDOT on Capital Infrastructure & Transportation Programs.

If you provide any of the primary or project-specific disciplines that NJDOT needs, you should get prequalified.

This virtual workshop will help you learn about the prequalification process and requirements, as well as get details on Cost Basis Approval and apply to work as a Subconsultant.

Working with NJDOT as a Prequalified Contractor


Are you tired of Being a Subcontractor? 
If you’re a certified Minority, Woman, Disadvantaged, Veteran, or Small Business Enterprise who wants to become a Prime construction contractor in New Jersey’s lucrative transportation market, join our elite team at NJDOT.

Getting prequalified is the first step to directly bid as a prime on NJDOT projects. The workshop is for highway and bridge construction contractors and will give you the opportunity to:

  • Assess your eligibility to get Prequalified
  • Access Prime Construction Bidding Opportunities
  • Obtain NJDOT Expert Technical Assistance with Applications
  • Increase your opportunity to bid and work on Capital, Maintenance, and Local Aid projects

If eligible, you’ll get guidance on the financial range and specific work categories for which you qualify.


  • Since 2015, NJDOT has awarded $4 billion in contracts.
  • 55% of contracts were for $5 million or less
  • You can work directly with NJDOT as a prequalified contractor